House Washing 101 

Most pressure washing companies rely on cold water and high pressure machines to clean with. These outdated methods usually lead to extensive damage and poor results. The old method of using high pressure can not only damage your siding by breaking it and taking off the factory installed UV coating, but it can also damage window screens, blow seals in thermo-pane windows, and force water behind vinyl. The water will lead to mold and mildew problems that you can’t see right away.

What Makes Perfect Shine Exteriors House Washing Service Different? 

At Perfect Shine Exteriors we specialize in hot water, low pressure residential cleaning, in most cases our cleaning methods use less than 500 p.s.i. That’s just about the same pressure that comes out of your garden hose! How can that possible work for washing your home? Great question! There are 2 reasons.

1) Our professionally designed low pressure, hot water, high volume equipment ensures that your home is washed efficiently without damaging it.

2) We use only professional grade detergents that are designed to kill and remove years of dirt, mold, mildew and other airborne pollution. Without treatment, these items can cause expensive premature replacement costs, robbing you of the beauty and value of your largest investment, your home.



There are companies that put out advertising signs that you see for a $199 or $99 house wash, you should be VERY WARRY of these unscrupulous companies. Remember, most businesses are in business to make money. The detergents we use on an average size home costs about $100. So if a company is advertising a $199 house wash, where is there profit? If they are using high quality detergents, that means they are making about $99 on a house wash. If they have a worker they have to pay them too, plus it takes a few hours to wash a home. How are they paying for gas, insurance, and all the other expenses it takes to run a business? It probably means one of two things; they are not using any detergents, which means they are destroying your home by blasting off the dirt using high pressures at very close range. Or, they are pulling the old “Bait and Switch”. They will tell you that the fine print says, that price is for a 1000 sqft home or something to that effect.

We only like to be truthful, honest, and forthcoming to our customers. We believe if you follow these principles you will have a thriving sustained business.